Hi, we are Jenn and Scott, the minds behind My Open Country!

Scott has been an avid hiker and backpacker since he was a small kid, often being taken out into the wilderness on trips with his father. His dad knew everything about nature and the wilderness (or at least that's how it seemed to a ten year old Scott). 

After high school Scott go his BS and MS in Geology (primarily so he could spend his time outside rather than in a classroom).

Hiking in the Tetons

Scott (and students) on a geology field trip, backpacking in the Grand Teton NP

Taking in the fjords above the arctic circle

Taking in the fjords above the arctic circle

Jenn grew up the complete city girl, but all that changed when Jenn & Scott met. Quickly picking up a passion for hiking, backpacking and all things outdoorsy, you can't stop Jenn these days.

Knowing from experience how difficult it can be to try and start something new, we set up My Open Country as a means for anyone to quickly and easily garner the information they need to make quality informed decisions and choices.

We hope you enjoy My Open Country and feel free to contact us.

Skiing in Italy

Skiing in the Italian Alps

Cablecar in Switzerland

Cablecar in Switzerland on our way for a hike