Bags and backpacks are a major part of the outdoor experience to ensure you have plenty of gear. Otherwise, you will find yourself without the basics such as water, trail mix, and a compass. After all, you need a place to store all of this!

There are a wide array of backpacks and bags on the market, and we’re here to help you with the selection process. This ensures you have plenty of room for all you’re bringing with you without weighing you down more than what’s absolutely necessary.

The better suited your bag to your needs, the easier it will be to enjoy your adventures. From the day-long ones to longer expeditions. The world is your oyster, so grab a bag and start exploring. You never know what you will find!

Backpacking Packs (40 - 65 Liters)

Backpacking packs are ideal for weekend trips and even longer. Here at MyOpenCountry, we tend to think of any bags over 30L as fitting into this category. These give you plenty of space for a sleeping bag, food, and zippered pockets for all of the small things you want to bring with you.

Your enjoyment on the trails can be directly dependent upon what you bring with you (or what you have left at home). If you run out of space and have to leave something behind, you’re not going to be too happy. Our goal is to prevent that from happening by showing you all of the different bags that are out there with our review of the best backpackinging backpack of 2017.

Every backpack is different in one way or another based upon its size, its pockets, and how it is all laid out. It’s why you need to browse the various options to decide what’s going to make you the happiest when you’re spending time in the great outdoors.

Hiking Daypacks

A daypack is an important piece of equipment that will allow you to pack what you need for a single day. This is not what you will want to take if you’re going to be spending the night somewhere. However, even if you plan on being on the trails (or off the trails) for a full day, there will be plenty of pockets and pouches for you to pack the essentials.

We’ve got our opinions on the best overall daypack, and it’s based on comfort, weight, and style. When you’re talking about hiking, whether it’s on flat ground, uphill, or downhill, comfort is essential. There are all sorts of daypacks on the market that offer ventilated back pads, adjustable straps, and various other features.

It doesn’t matter who you are – there’s a bag for you. We suggest taking the time to read through the features, so you know just what the bag offers. This will make sure it’s what you need for what you plan on doing!

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