Camping kitchen gear doesn’t have to be lame. For years, people thought that camp cooking gear meant an aluminum pot and a piece of flint. The good news is that technology has come a long way and that means you have more options than ever before. It also means that you can enjoy more than trail mix and weenies when you’re camping. When you eat better, you’re going to have more energy – and that means being able to have bigger and more memorable adventures in the great outdoors!

We’ve got a whole lot of options available to you. Whether you’re camping for an afternoon, an overnight, or several days, we have you covered with kitchen camping gear. The best part about it is that it’s all lightweight and easy to bring with you. This way, it won’t weigh you down just because you want to eat a bit better while out in the middle of nature.

Backpacking Stoves

You’re able to get your cooking on with backpacking stoves. This means you don’t have to limit yourself to being able to build a fire and keep it going long enough to roast more than just marshmallows.

There are a lot of important features to look for in backpacking stoves, and we’ve even selected the best backpacking stoves to give you some guidance in this department. If it’s lightweight and compact in size, it makes it a lot easier to take with you, whether you’re backpacking up a mountain, across a desert, or through a national park by way of a kayak.

A stove isn’t something you would always consider to pack, but when you find that it allows you to boil water and food in just a few minutes, it’s going to change your mind. Suddenly, you can start eating a whole lot better when on the trail.

Camping Coolers

When you’re setting up camp for the night, whether alone, with a group of friends, or the whole family, it’s nice to be able to dig into a cooler and come out with something cold. This includes drinks as well as various foods that you might want to cook on an open fire. We have identified the best camping cooler based on ice retention qualities, ease of use, features and more.

Think about how great a cooler is when you’re camping. You’re hot, you’re tired, and when you finally stop, the only thing that’s going to quench your thirst is something that’s below your body temperature. This means anything in your backpack is probably out of the question, especially if you’ve been on the trail for a while.

Don’t worry. When it comes to coolers, we have you covered in terms of selection and price!