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Any serious outdoorsman should only consider top quality tools of his trade, and the Igloo Yukon Cold Locker cooler is designed to deliver a professional-grade performance in rugged and harsh environments. It's an ideal cooler for those occasional adventures when you need to keep your produce fresh and your drinks cold with some room left over.

Its roomy interior has 7-day ice retention at 90° Fahrenheit due to its Cool Riser technology which is longer than other average coolers, and the oversized drain plug makes for faster and easier flow. The anti-skid pads prevent any damage from sliding and loading, which adds to this cooler's impressive durability.

Bottom Line: A top notch cooler for extended weekend camping, hunting or fishing trips, which can keep food and drink cool for 4-5 days.

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker 70

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Key Features

  • 70 quart capacity with reversible anti-skid pads
  • Oversized tethered drain plug
  • Cool-Riser-Technology
  • Bear resistant certified
  • Integrated fish measuring tool on lid
  • Three-inch thick polyurethane insulation
  • Weighs 33.6 lbs (empty) with exterior dimensions of 35.5" L x 17.19" W x 20.38" D
  • Will last a long time, especially with great care and attention
  • Oversized drain plug means easy to drain with swift flow
  • Large capacity
  • Steady wide grip handle for better heavy handling
  • Bulky exterior build and heavy weight
  • At a higher price point than similar products tested from competitors



Ease of Use



Technical Specifications

Hands on Review

The Yukon Cold Locker cooler stands amongst the competition with its many impressive features that are built to outlast other similar coolers in the market. When you're looking for exceptional durability, capacity, and insulation, the Yukon is an ideal choice that's perfect for those large picnics, weekend fishing trips, or much-needed getaways.

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Obviously, a cooler's main purpose is to keep things cool, and keeping ice frozen is definitely this cooler's specialty considering its three-inch thick polyurethane interior. Along with its massive cold barrier, the air tight lid ensures that virtually no cold air can escape, and thanks to the Yukon's Cool Riser technology, you don't have to worry too much about the interior temperature being dramatically changed in hot weather or on hot surfaces. You can expect to still see ice in the cooler for six to seven days which is notable compared to the competition. This is something to take advantage of if you're a hunter or fisherman that packs their meat to take home while keeping it at a safe food temperature.

The Yukon Cold Locker cooler can keep food at a safe temperature for up to four days, and while the insulation performance is a little less imposing than other high-end coolers such as the Canyon Cooler Outfitter, it's still good enough to keep your foods fresh over the weekend and then some. If you don't want to cut your ventures short, consider the ice retention in coolers like the Yukon. For those who tend to be gone from home longer than a week, the Yukon might not be able to keep ice frozen and food fresh for that long.


Being that the Yukon is built to last, its durable polyethylene construction is at the top of the charts among other high-end coolers. The metal hardware is steady enough to handle anything it goes through, and you don't have to be concerned about any leakages since it's virtually airtight. Additionally, the drain plug leash is made of metal for a cap that'll stay put and won't easily break off. The handles and hinges can often be an issue in more traditional coolers, but it's doubtful that this will be a problem in the Yukon. The sturdy 5/16 stainless steel hinge rods and locking system make for better security against theft, and the latches are made of heavy-duty rubber to tolerate corrosion in heavy weather situations.

Because this Yukon model is 70 quarts, many may decide not to move it again until it's empty due to it being bulky and often too heavy for one person to lift. So if you plan on packing plenty of drinks or food, it'll most likely require two people to carry it around which can prove to be a bit of a hassle. You should also think about this concern when it comes to draining.

Ease of Use

The main things you should consider in a cooler's ease of use are based on loading it, opening the lid, and draining the water. Even though it may look tough to use, everything about the Yukon is effortless. The oversized drain plug means that melted ice water will flow smoothly and quickly with little to no splashing. Because of the plug's long metal leash, you can keep it out of the way by conveniently wedging it into the handle.

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The plug also has an extra large finger grip so you can turn or remove it whenever you need to with no frustration. On the bottom of the cooler, there is a reversible feet function for when you need to unload it and when you need to keep it in place. The recessed cam latch makes the cooler easy to open compared to other internal latch designs.

As mentioned before, the Yukon is a bit on the heavy side due to its bulky build and large capacity, so carrying it with food inside may be a two-man job. Also, because the drain opening is rather large, smaller ice cubes may flow out which may be a little troublesome. Other than these issues, the Yukon Cold Locker cooler is amongst the easiest high-end coolers to use.

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The double extended handles on the Yukon come in handy when hauling things around, especially when it's already loaded onto a truck bed, the backseat of a car, or a boat. When you need to pull it out of place, the unique reversible feet help to slide it around easily, or it can keep it stationary. The integrated wide-grip handles accommodate gloved hands and prevent any breakage compared to thinner pivoted or rope handles.

When it comes to carrying the cooler, it's not as good as other typical handle designs. Because the handles don't pivot, the handling may be a bit awkward, and the weight distribution can be uneven which may prove difficult when walking across hills or rough terrain. Although hard molded handles mean no spontaneous breaking, carrying the Yukon can be quite the task especially if you travel alone.


The dual lid locks on the Yukon allow for extra security from curious animals. If you like to fish, there is a nifty integrated fish measuring tool right on the lid to rank in your catch of the day. When you're hauling the cooler for a trip, the reversible feet underneath make it easy to slide it in place in the back of your car, and when you take it out, the rubber side makes sure that the cooler stays put.

Moreover, with its oversized drain plug, it's easy to drain melted water quickly with minimal splashing, so there won't be a mess to clean up later. Along with the pin style hinges, wide grip handles, and Cool Riser technology, the Yukon's features make it an ideal choice for those looking for a quality ice chest.

Value, Limitations & Best Applications

In the market of high-end coolers, the Igloo Yukon Cold Locker cooler is more than a decent cooler regarding performance. Although, when compared to slightly pricier models, it does slack a bit in its features and usage but is still a quality cooler to consider. The best way to use the Yukon is probably for large picnics or short vacations since the ice will stay frozen for up to 6 days and food will stay at a safe temperature for 3-4 days. For extreme hunting or fishing adventures that'll take even longer, you might want to consider an alternative model with better insulation, but the Yukon still does a better job than traditional coolers even with its high price tag.

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Other Versions & Accessories

There are other versions of the Yukon available in different colors and sizes depending on what retailer you buy it from. The Yukon Cold Locker model can be purchased in a 50 quart, 120 quart, or a 150 quart size and has different color schemes such as red and white, purple and yellow, or green and white. Igloo also makes additional accessories like the wire cooler basket and stainless steel lock plate bottle opener.

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The 55 Quart Canyon Cooler Outfitter can be an equal or greater alternative to the Yukon, especially due to its many features that the Yukon doesn't have such as IGBC Bear Resistant certification, bullet proof hinges, and built-in shoulder strap. When you're talking insulation, the Canyon cooler can keep ice frozen for an average of 5-14 days depending on what you pack inside it, which is longer than what the Yukon can handle.

While the Yukon is ideal for short getaways, if you're planning to go on rigorous journeys with extreme temperatures for a week or so, the Canyon cooler is a suitable option to get the best quality performance for slightly cheaper than the Yukon.

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