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Campfires are great for roasting marshmallows, but for serious trailside cooking, look no further than the Jetboil MiniMo personal cooking system. Not only is the MiniMo able to boil a 1/2 liter of water in just over two minutes, but details such as its simmer control knob, the strainer and drink spout on the lid, and convenient measurement markers on the bowl and cooking vessel make the Jetboil MiniMo functional and easy to use.

Jetboil Minimo

Key Features

  • Holds a full liter of water & will typically bring 1/2L of water to a boil in 2 min 15 sec
  • Stability stand to keep the fuel canister level on uneven ground
  • Simmer control knob allows for precise cooking temperature control
  • Weighs 14.6 oz (415 g) without fuel canister
  • Cooking vessel is shallow and wide so that you can eat directly from it
  • Fuel efficient; will boil 12 Liters of water per 100g fuel can
  • Food cup and cooking vessel have markings to measure ingredients and water
  • Lid for bowl has an integrated strainer and drink spout
  • Automatic igniter seems prone to failure
  • Only compatible with Jetboil cooking equipment and accessories
  • Not as compact as other ultralight camp stove systems

Fuel Efficiency

Time to Boil




Packed Size

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Fuel Efficiency

The Jetboil MiniMo is one of the more fuel efficient cooking systems available to outdoor enthusiasts. Partly, this is due to the simmer control knob which allows you to better control cooking speed and fuel use. If you do not need to bring your food or water to a full boil, you can set the knob to a lower setting and merely warm it.

The second feature which makes the MiniMo more fuel efficient is the design of the FluxRing technology cooking element. While it is far bulkier than most lightweight cook stoves that typically have a small tripod on which to set a pot, the design of the MiniMo keeps the cooking flame better protected from the wind and inclement weather. Even during windy conditions, the heat produced by the heating element remains directed at the cooking vessel. This means that the MiniMo will cook your food faster and with less fuel than other cooking systems during windy conditions.

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Time to Boil

The amount of time it takes to boil water in the Jetboil MiniMo will, of course, depend on the conditions at your campsite. Under most circumstances, the MiniMo will bring half a liter of water to a boil in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. This is impressively quick compared to other camp stoves or cooking over a campfire. Other stoves typically take about 3 minutes to bring a similar amount of water to a boil, and cooking over wood or other solid fuels can take much longer.

Understandably, all camping stoves will suffer from a drop in performance when it is cold, but Jetboil stoves seem to handle inclement weather better than others. The company guarantees performance down to 20°F (-6°C), but if used below that temperature, or if the stove is exposed to rain or the wind, it may take longer for food to cook.


Versatility is a strong point for the MiniMo, and you will find that this basic personal cooking system can cook most trail foods quickly. Unlike other integrated canister stoves, you'll conclude that it's possible to do more than simply boil water on the MiniMo and that it is better than its competitors at simmering and other temperature-dependant cooking. Separate accessories are available that make it possible to use a small frying pan with the MiniMo, and there are also items like a coffee press which expand this system's usefulness.

The redesigned cooking vessel was specially engineered to be shallower and wider than previous Jetboil designs so that you can use the cooking vessel itself as a bowl or cup. The convenient drink spout on the lid means you can drink your coffee or hot cocoa without the liquid losing a lot of its warmth. The lid also has a strainer in it so that you can cook and strain pasta, rice, or other foods.

Weight & Packed Size

The Jetboil MiniMo weighs in at 14.6 oz (415 g) which makes it lighter than many integrated canister stoves, but heavier than ultralight systems which make use of a simple folding regulator. This happy medium means that the cooking system is more stable and user-friendly than lighter stoves.

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The MiniMo packs down to 5” x 6” (127 mm x 152 mm) which is a convenient pack size, and all of the components will fit inside of the cooking vessel for ease of travel. The plastic cup attaches to the bottom of the cooking vessel and protects the FluxRing cooking element. A small cloth bag is included for the regulator that serves to protect the non-stick surface of the cooking vessel from scratches and keeps clanking to a minimum. A 100g fuel canister will fit inside the cup along with the stand and regulator.


Since you're unlikely to find an ideal flat surface to cook on while camping, it's important to have a camp stove that performs well while at a slight tilt or on uneven ground. The MiniMo has several features that make it more stable than other stoves under these less than perfect conditions. Like other integrated canister stoves, the canister and cooking vessel form one unit during use. This keeps the cooking vessel from sliding off of the flame, but also creates a tall and narrow structure which can be unstable and may be easier to tip over than other camp stoves. Because the MiniMo is shorter and wider than other Jetboil cooking systems, it is sturdier than some of the other Jetboil products.

You can use the MiniMo with only a fuel canister beneath it, but for more peace of mind, the three-pronged fuel canister stand included with the personal cooking system kit can be used to make this camping stove much sturdier. It has notches that allow it to fit with several sizes of fuel canister so that you can use it with Jetboil JetPower fuel or other brands of isobutane fuel canisters.

Best Applications, Limitations & Value

Overall, the Jetboil MiniMo hits the sweet spot for most outdoor enthusiasts. If you're hiking alone or with a partner, this stove is the perfect size for cooking meals or boiling water for one or two drinks. Its stability, reliability and quick boiling time make it a great option for just about any location, and if used with Jetboil's Jetpower 4-Season Fuel Blend, the MiniMo is effective even during the coldest weather.

The main limitation of this camp stove is its price. While it is true that it comes as an entire cooking system and contains everything you'll need except a fuel canister, it is about ten times more expensive than a simple, inexpensive camp stove regulator. This puts it out of reach of many newcomers to hiking and camping and to those who do not have a lot of cash to spend on camping equipment. The MiniMo is also heavier than many camp stoves, and ultralight backpackers may want to consider a more compact and lightweight alternative.

If you're able to afford the MiniMo, however, you'll find that it is one of the most fuel efficient and useful stoves on the market. Anyone who has ever scorched their dinner while trying to evenly heat food on a traditional camp stove will appreciate the fine control provided by the simmer knob. If you're planning a long expedition or if you need to heat large quantities of water during your trip, you'll be amazed by how little fuel the MiniMo needs to fulfill these tasks.

Other Versions & Accessories

The MiniMo comes from a diverse line of camping stoves. Jetboil produces several successful and practical alternatives to the MiniMo to meet different cooking needs. The Sumo Cooking System is a larger version of the MiniMo and can hold 1.8 liters at one time. If you need an even larger cooking system for a group of hikers, the Genesis Base Camp System is a great choice as it provides multiple cooking surfaces so that more than one meal can be cooked at the same time. The Jetboil Zip, Jetboil Flash, and Jetboil MicroMo personal cooking systems are the lightest stoves in the lineup and are perfect for an individual hiker who wants a lightweight camp stove.

Jetboil also offers a large number of accessories that fit all of their cooking systems. One of the most popular accessories is the pot support which makes it possible to use a small cooking pot or skillet on the stove. There is also a coffee press which makes brewing a morning cup of joe a snap.

Although the MiniMo will work with any standard isobutane canisters, Jetboil sells its own fuel canisters in multiple sizes. Standard Jetboil Jetpower isobutane fuel canisters are available in 100g, 230g, and 450g. For four season camping, you can also use the Jetboil Jetpower 4-Season Fuel Blend which makes winter cooking easier and more fuel efficient.

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